imaginedsoldier: (☁ Compromise your reality)
Coding and Character Relations will eventually be placed here. ...Whenever I wake up.
imaginedsoldier: (Phone ☁ To listen to your messages press)
You've reached Cloud.
I'm unable to answer at the moment.
Leave a message.
imaginedsoldier: (Confusion ☁ Can we take a chance?)
[The feed flickers a moment between audio and visual briefly before focusing on the sea-sky outside the window briefly, just beginning to glow with the light to mark the passing of yet another night. Its owner has been up all night, perplexed by recent conversations. This is the reason for the feed. He's normally quiet, having not really wanted to bother answering these messages on the SFC nor say much of anything, but due to the recent batch of newbies... Well, it's gotten his 'chocobo feathers' ruffled and not in a good way, mind.]

...Vatheon. [He pauses, as if double-checking the lock- okay, it's still blocking the message from one person he doesn't want to know about this.] What do you do when someone by your 'time' has done something unforgivable, but has no knowledge of it from the period they were brought here? Do you still hold them accountable, or do you treat them as innocent?

[Like he needs to ask if he should tell the General what it is that he did... Suicidal, much?]
imaginedsoldier: (Blood ☁ SEPHIROOOOOOOOOOOTH)
Damn...! [Someone... doesn't seem as affected by the curse. Except for one tiiiny thing.

The figure of a blond appears on the screen when the SFC turns on of its own accord, bent over the sink with a rifle sitting against the counter. Cloud is glaring even more at the mirror inside his bathroom, water dripping down his face. Obviously he was trying to calm down before even saying a thing. Why was he so mad?

Look above his head. Along with the normal HP and Mana bars, there's a username: imaginedSOLDIER. All of those memories, the mindfucks, being used like that in an attempt to destroy his world...

It's no wonder the glass is shattered and he's cleaning up a cut or several on his fist before the feed goes out on its own in a flurry of snowy static. What... just happened?

Either way, he'll be out at the pirate ship, shooting at the ghosts for a while.]
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[The feed flickers for a moment, as though the user still isn't used to using it again. However when it clears the first thing that's seen is- ...A pair of chocobos? Well, not quite. The second is someone's hair...]

The pirate ship's new. [It's said almost indifferently, as though he doesn't really care. What he does care about, though, is that the chocobo that's following him seems to be interested in his lunch.] Hey! I already gave you what I had.

[Siiiigh. Some things never change. But after he gets the chocobo to stop trying to taste test his meal, he looks at the screen.]

...I'm back.
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[There is one exhausted looking blond on the screen, and though he may seem familar to others... For the love of the Planet he's breaking the whole vow he had made before coming here about not letting anyone miss him were anything to happen. Introductions. What are they. :|a]

So according to a few... I've apparently been here before. [Not like he remembers, but he won't say that just yet. Instead his tired eyes narrow. Oh yes, he did see a few of the older messages over this device once he'd figured it out.] And it would seem I'm not the only one here from my world.

[Just something to say in passing. He'll be keeping a close watch over you two brothers, make no mistake. ...Was that a slight wince?]

These are a little different from the phones I'm used to, though... Also, what's this about a 'Chinese New Year'?
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